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  • I got hacked!

  • I want a fast and moderated cost security analysis, in which I can identify the mayor security risk present on my application

  • I need a deep security analysis to identify all security vulnerabilities present on my application

  • I would like to implement a secure software development life cycle and I need some assitanece for its implementation

  • I need to implement security guidance and vulnerabilities remediation guides on my development life cycle

  • I need help to identify the security requirements for my application on the design process

  • I would like to know the security risks present on my application and on the components that interacts with

  • I need secure software development training for my developers and project managers

  • I need help on mitigating some security vulnerabilities on my application found on a security review made by a third party

  • I need to be in compliance with the PCI-DSS requirements stated on the section 6

  • Zero false positives is guaranteed as all vulnerabilities are confirmed
  • A faster and lower cost service compared with a Security Code Review service
  • This training helps manages and developers to understand the most common vulnerabilities listed on the OWASP standard
  • It gives basic understanding of the countermeasures required to mitigate those security issues.
  • Helps to have a full application protection
  • Identifies potential vulnerabilities present on the different application layers
  • Saves money on rework and security reviews from third parties.
  • Helps on having a secure software development life cycle to ensure software is secure
  • Workshop that shows the best secure coding practices for Java and .Net technologies
  • 20 hours of theory and practice, where the student will apply the acquired knowledge
  • Helps on the definition of guidelines and standards for secure software development.
  • Provides with guidance for security vulnerability remediation
  • Helps on identifying the security requirements of each application since the design phase
  • Gives a broad vision of the applicable regulations for data protection and software security standards
  • Deep code analysis
  • Helps on identifying all occurrences of the security issues found
  • Focuses on the critical application areas.
  • Ensures all applied fixes are the correct ones to mitigated the vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability mitigation made by software security experts.


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